Bastard Noise/Brutal Truth - The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity

Never thought I would see a split between these two artists. A quite fitting record for Bastard Noise and a nice spin on things with Brutal Truth. Both these bands blow heads off as it is, so it is quite fitting for them to be together on this splurging of sounds.

It starts off with 'The Duel Of The Ant And The Dragonfly', which feels like your brain is being sucked into space. It sounds like someone letting air out of a balloon very slowly. A bit harsh on the ears cause the pitch gets pretty high. Although that's the beauty of noise with tension and hopefully release sometimes. On 'The Horizon On Lynx', makes you feel like you lurking through the sewers of New York trying to find the latest mutant on the streets. Still retains that very cosmic vaccum quality. This is a great album to listen to if you have a lot on your mind and you just need time to zone out and marinate on things. The song titles are quite fitting considering they keep this insectoid spacial theme present throughout the Bastard Noise songs. A song like 'Preemptive Epitaph Of The Living', is more like a soundtrack to a horror movie. Incorporating some harsh vocals always gives noise that extra grit just to make it creepy. 'Control Room - Peace Is The Victory Mix', is actually a very relaxing track. The tone is consistent throughout the track and it's a very smooth hum at that. When the final track kicks in and you actually hear some drums your brain becomes so happy. Hearing percussion after pretty much an entire hour of noise is quite refreshing. Let the final waves of feedback wash over you as you reach the exit.

The whole record has a nice flow to it. None of it jerks around and leaves you confused. It all meshes together creating a wild soundscape of forward thinking sounds. The brutal truth of bastard noise is sometimes.... drums change everything!

  1. Bastard Noise - The Duel of the Ant and the Dragonfly
  2. Bastard Noise - The Horizon On Lynx
  3. Bastard Noise - Horned Beetle Conflict
  4. Bastard Noise - Mantis Colony
  5. Brutal Truth - Control Room: Smoke Grind And Sleep Mix
  6. Brutal Truth - The Stroy

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Apr 12, 2014

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