Bathtub Shitter - Dancehall Grind

Bathtub Shitter is a gore grind band from Japan. We all know that Japanese have a sick taste of humor and so the bandname doesn't sound strange. This is their 2nd full length and hammers 12 songs up your arse to stop shitting in your bath.... They use two style vocals, a high screamy and a grunter. I don't like that screamy one as it is getting irritating after 2 songs. Like the beginning of "Hello Again" is great but when that child is falling in, it takes it down. Musically they use different tempos with breaks to keep the variation. In the end the disc is a good listening and about that voice you have to decide yourself.

1. Introduction
2. Skate of Bulgaria
3. World Dun Hole
4. Umber
5. Hello Alone
6. Re-Shit
7. The End of The Rainbow
8. Time Out
9. Everybody Has The Wet
10. Shit Drop
11. Rest In Piss
12. Ps From BS
13. Stihs Latem
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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