Battalion (Che) - Underdogs

Swiss Battalion are back with a second release and beware! This Battalion is ready for an ear-assault! The new release ‘Underdogs’ contains 11 tracks of pure (Power meets) Thrash-made in the old fashioned way.

Having mentioned their main genre, the production of this album is nothing old school at all!  In fact, we are talking about a pure polished studio sound, so if you are into dirty sound, it doesn’t mean you should exclude Battalion off your list!

Although it is pointed out that Battalion’s main musical core is ‘Thrash’, strong elements of Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Hard Rock form also part of their Metal music recipe!  As a matter of fact, besides the fast-paced Thrash music with hyper lengthy mind-breaking solos, one can note the mid-tempo rock-based musical side (apart from instrumental parts like in the song called ‘Stalingrad’).

What makes this album remarkable to a certain extent is the cocktail of old school metal genres united under one umbrella.  All in all, Battalion didn’t come up with something truly original and I don’t think it is in their aim to be original (speaking from a Thrash Metal attitude haha), however it doesn’t mean that Thrash Metal lovers should exclude this piece of innovation.

Fans of Overkill, Kreator, old Metallica, old Megadeth, Exodus etc… should check ‘em out!

1. Thrash Maniacs
2. Headbangers
3. Running Alone
4. Wings Of A Demon
5. T.F.F.M.
6. Bullets & Death
7. Stalingrad
8. Interlude
9. Beggars Right
10. Dictators Of Stone
11. Defenders

Silverwolf Productions
Reviewer: Jo
Mar 14, 2010

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