Battalion - Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War

The death metal beast from Belgium awakened once again in 2014 to deliver us, what those guys seem to know best. Uncompromising death metal played by their rules. And this means heavy tunes, fat sounding instruments, relentless drumming and a really distinct growler behind the mic.

The first thing to catch you attention will be the artwork. Plain and simple but on the same time so complete in all aspects. The title is: "Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War", and what we're talking here is 11 songs (intros included), that cover almost 50 minutes of music. Now for some this is a long time but what those beasts managed to do is keep your eye fixed on them so bad, that no one notices the almost 1 hour of playing time.

The songs are based mainly on crazy riffing and sometimes just in groove. The blasting moments are dominant in this one but groovy parts and some melodic interpolations can be found in plenty. The element of surprise is a big plus here as you will find you selves dazed by how those guys can mix their wrathful moments with melodic interleaves and back to brutality again. Of course the crazy blasting parts of this one will not distract you from their groove, cos when they decide to slow things down a bit is when they unfold the outmost of their talent. If I had to go with one side of their polarity in music, I would definitely pic their groove to their blasting moments. Hard choice though as neither falls behind. It is just that when they decide to go slow, they seem to blend their riffs with solos and melodic parts and this is what makes the music of Battalion so distinct here.

This perfect combination of all the elements is what will make "Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War" stay in your CD player for a while. Of course we're talking death metal here so do not expect this to be mellow. Battalion's 3d album is wrathful as it gets, with the blasting moments dominating in this one hour of music, giving this CD the proper aura of extremity. Battalion proves that it is not impossible for xtemity with melody to co-exist. In fact sometimes the difference is really had to spot.

  1. Revelation VI_VIII
  2. Sacrifice To The Nuclear Cross
  3. Hellcommander Reign
  4. This Cancerous Rot
  5. Old, Cold Rivalries
  6. Orb Of Alteration
  7. Volcanic Death
  8. Another Taste Of Carrion
  9. Remembrance, In Blood
  10. The Nucleus Vortex
  11. The Final Congregation

Shiver Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 19, 2015

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