Battalion - Welcome To The Warzone

From the track "Opening the Blastdoors to hell" We get a very accurate description of what it's like to listen to this cd. Prepare yourself before listening, this album grabs you from the beginning and never lets go. Battallion constantly and surpisingly keeps it original throughout. The lyrical style of Battallion is similar to Bolt Thrower, and Panzerchrist. Tank battles, Warfare, and Death are not original topics of discussion, but Battallion will make you disregard all other similar bands in an instant. This cd is a constant barrage from the artillery, with a battlefield type intensity, and a very powerful atmosphere. Not a cd to be missed. Make sure Welcome to the Warzone is in your cd collection.

1. Mechanize Blitzkrieg
2. Cracks Of My Coffin
3. Ten-Thousand Corpse Ditch
4. Throne Of Lies
5. Blunt Force Trauma
6. Curb Stomp
7. Verdun Meat Grinder
8. Radiation Holocaust
9. Opening The Blastdoors To Hell
10. Mass Incinerator
Shiver Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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