Battery – Armed With Rage

Nuclear Holocaust, zombies and political comment – this must be thrash right! This is Battery from Denmark, a debut release a while after their formation in 2008. What you have here is thrash with a few hardcore or rather crossover influences mainly coming from the vocals. The music is very mid-80’s thrash from the US, quite fast and less melodic than the later material of that decade would produce or their fellow countrymen Artillery. Thrash has got a little fat and stale for me of late, there is not much more bands can do to make things more interesting without sounding like their peers they are emulating without the access to great sounding recording studios. But on a positive note, Battery are no couch potato, far from it, but still don’t expect any ground-breaking changes to the overall thrash scene with this release.

It’s entertaining and current, like the track ‘Vermin of Fukushima’ that deals with current affairs, the tempo changes are pretty awesome, but it I had to be critical it would be to state that there is a very similar presentation to each of the tracks with the exception of this one, the formula obviously works, but I am not totally blown away, I seem to know what to expect as the album plays out more, although for me it’s more to do with the vocal phrasing rather than the music.

Following numerous plays, I can understand their vision, Battery is certainly cool at what they do and have some nice tight rhythms that give them a good position within the current crop and stature of bands out there. This is no technical masterpiece, but it is enjoyable none the less.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Feb 10, 2014

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Battery – Armed With Rage

  1. Narcotic Mirage
  2. Armed With Rage
  3. Indirect Oppression
  4. Halo Of Hypocrisy
  5. Hostile By Content
  6. Vermin Of Fukushima
  7. Pyramids Of Decept
  8. Sense Eclipsed
  9. Zombestial Incantation
  10. Genocidal Gatlin Gunners

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