Beansidhe - De Mortis Eloquentia

Swiss band Beansidhe have been around for 11 years now, this is their second release after a long recording break for 5 years. This promises to be a good once if the instrumental intro ‘Meditatio Mortis’ is anything to go by. However, once the songs start proper, ‘MDCCLXXXII’ degenerates into the blackened death hybrid with tinges of thrash that a lot of bands hold dear these days. Rasping vocals with flourishes of black magic greet the listener, but at the end of the day, this is quite a chaotic mix. I suppose you could take Behemoth, Vader and Melechesh, mash them all together and serve up eager and hungry to succeed as Beansidhe appear to be. ‘On Bloodsoaked Grounds Grenades They Ate’, apart from being a terribly long title, has many melodic death metal riffs and rattles in it’s forte, some raw black metal, but then ‘Dehumanized’ just pisses all over their other tunes, technically precise, lots of guitar sweeps and fills going on, vocally they lose momentum, but all in all, sterling ideas. ‘Wisdom Through Grey’ is the ace of the pack, this has the speed and intensity of modern Behemoth with their earlier black metal stance proving more dominant, if only the drumming kept pace, sometimes it appears to lose time.

Not a bad release by any means, but its all been done to “death” in recent years, everything extreme, everything so technically perfect, if you like this of course then buy this. This is not a straight negative for the band. It is worth summing up however that this band are full of ideas and fresh out of musical boot camp, they display brilliance in places, but the arrangements are a little disjointed and try to put all their influences into one track. But this is a valiant effort none the less.

1. Meditatio Mortis
3. On Bloodsoaked Grounds Grenades They Ate
4. Dehumanized
5. Shifting Saints
6. Wisdom Through Grey

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 13, 2010

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