Becoming The Entity - Beyond Cygnus

Born from the ashes of the Infernal Bloodlust here come these Becoming The Entity from Mexico, arrived with this "Beyond Cygnus" at their first full length over long distance. 8 songs of death metal of excellent workmanship, well played and produced.

Since the opener 'Emancipation Of Our Kind', the coordinates on which the four boys will build their musical path are well defined. Influenced by both the European and the overseas scene, Becoming The Entity can damn well do their job.

'Black Hole Inversions' is, in my opinion, one of the most daring and powerful tracks of the entire album. Powerful, punchy and truly engaging. The subsequent 'Quantum Jump Insanity' doesn't let go and continues hammering the listener grinding riffs upon riffs. the good work done by the rhythm section is well suited to a truly incisive and deep voice. We are faced as usual with a great job and it is absolutely comforting to discover that there are still young and new bands that still have a lot to say in the musical field outside the usual known names.

We give more space to bands like these Becoming The Entity capable of revealing all our hidden senses in just 38 minutes. 'Suspended In Violence' closes this album with flying colors. Certainly one of the best works I've heard in this new metallic year. Technically perfect songs, granite and direct riffs like a punch in the face. Great job in the songwriting phase. We hope someone will notice work soon. Good good and still good.

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Emancipation Of Our Kind
2. Beyond Cygnus
3. Black Hole Inversions
4. Quantum Jump Insanity
5. Interstellar Debauchery
6. Kepler 452B
7. S.D.C.
8. Suspended In Violence