Be'lakor - Stone's Reach

Killer Death Metal spawned from Australia. Be'lakor does not sell you short with this increditable 8 track release "Stone's Reach". This album's first track "Venator" will slowly awake your senses, starting with clean, clear guitar work and a flowing "nice" mood then without notice hits you hard in the face with pure aggression. Love the percussion and musicianship here. All is extremely well produced, mixed and tight! The guitar work is not less than excellent either. Love the complex arrangements of these tracks, interesting breaks and changes, suberb melodies and am in love with the grawl of the vocals. "Stone Reach" is a modern classic! A true masterpiece of melodic death. I only have amazing things to say about this album and am now a new fan of Be'lakor. So so much happening with this album-extremely versitile and this band are truely the talent from Hell that we all have been looking for.

My rating of ++5/5 is not enough to show how much I love this album but it will have to do (:



Kolony Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 15, 2010

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