Belarus Beaver - Planet Of The Beavers

The album "Planet Of The Beavers" is a comedic approach to death and grind by the Swedish band Belarus Beaver. Whilst comedy in death metal is about as welcomed as Alestorm are in the metal community, you can't help but be captivated by the dedication to take on writing albums fully based around these small semiaquatic rodents, known as beavers.

Every track is targeted at surpassing the comedy determination, as the album consists of joyous, yet odd song titles (The Nile referenced track on their previous album is brilliant). Taking the beaver credentials away from this record, and you're pummelled with Cannibal Corpse styled vocals over a non-stop brutal assault of death metal riffs, often catchy and definitely worthy of head bopping along to. Only twenty-minutes in length spread across from twelve tracks makes the album a brief rollercoaster of an excursion, one that you could ride again and again, until you feel physically sick.

Whether it's from the actual music, song-titles or the hilarious artwork, there's genius at hand with this record, and whilst it will unfortunately slip under the radar for most, there will be some who will reap the benefits of their catchy metal lyrics, ridiculous samples, and non stop grind and blasting that bizarrely leaves you only desiring more. The burning question is how far will Belarus Beaver take their gimmick and how long can it last them?

3.5 / 5 STARS 


1. The Beaver God
2. Beaver Divisions
3. Beavercide
4. Beavers Killed Jesus
5. Dammark
6. Danskbävrar (Dammark Part 2)
7. Ea Castor
8. Planet Of The Beavers
9. Amphibious Rodent Feast
10. The Beaver Clan
11. Raised By Beavers
12. When God Made Beavers He Fucked Us All