Betrayal – Disorder Remains

A country: Germany, a city: Aschaffenburg, a band: Betrayal (not to be confused with the British namesake), a style or rather a basic style: Death Metal where various influences are combined. In the hometown of Felix Magath, two-time finalist of the football world cup, the band founded in 2005 has so far awarded us with two EPs and an LP: “Infinite Circles” in 2016. Five long years of waiting separating these two LPs, time which allowed the emergence of a new line-up as well as the elaboration of this new album “Disorder Remains”.

For once, listening to this album gave me a breathtaking effect, it was as if someone was telling me the truth! Usually everything is predictable in what comes to us from Germany, it is often very rhythmic, aggressive, even brutal, very effective but without real sensitivity. According to the fact they are inventors of the Blitzkrieg concept, bands are often excellent war machines. Starting off fairly classically, I quickly realized that there was the extra thing that would definitely rank it a step above the others, above the norm. It also seems too restrictive to confine them to a specific or particular style, the range of musical styles visited is much wider than it seems to be. But I will take again these few words which, in my humble opinion, allow to better understand their musical orientation: “Betrayal is a mix of old-school, thrashy, technical, progressive death metal, with a bit of blackened style to create some seriously awesome and well-written death metal”. Yes it may seem very confusing but it is really effective and we do not get lost in this musical universe. As for the surroundings of the material in terms of quality sound, orchestration, arrangements, absolutely nothing to complain about.

We are clearly dealing with gifted people, comfortable in musical exploration, is it the contribution of the whole new line-up or the time taken for a more mature reflection, more successful in their songwriting process that brings us this nugget ? Everything remains imaginable. I will not sulk my pleasure which overwhelmed me in this beautiful discovery even if I had already noticed the band whose previous album had made me prick up my ears. But five years, that seems a long time in a musical universe where so much happens.

We are incorrigible, usually we have each our favourite styles and bands! However I am lucky not to stick to my positions and to be open minded. While most people are satisfied with the existing, some know that the bands of the past two decades, that have made our ears vibrate with their beats, will one day be retired. It is clearly time to promote new bands. They will be the future leaders of tomorrow, and why not of today!.

Then, very delicate to designate a flagship song that could be the “leader of the pack”, there are so many influences! However, I will put forward “Disorder Remains” even if for me it is not the total synthesis of the song’s contents.

I really did not waste my time, there is really nothing to throw away, it is totally effective through and through. We hope, for all the current fans and for those who are sure to join, not to wait so long for their next realization, that would be a waste!
For fans of…. really good metal music!

4.5 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Ian Rache Nor

Apr 23, 2021

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Betrayal – Disorder Remains

review Betrayal - Disorder Remains

1. Intro
2. Rise
3. War
4. Ghost Of Mind
5. The Manifest
6. Lost Promises
7. Devouring Nothingness
8. Disorder Remains
9. Chaos Reigns
10. Dooming Diversions
11. Inanity
12. Greed And Oblivion


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