Beyond Our Sight - The Void Within

Beyond Our Sight is a 6-piece melodic metalcore band coming from Ghent, Belgium. Their style is actually a mixture of metalcore with melodic death metal (see Sweden!) and thrash metal. "The Void Within" is their debut EP and it was released on March 2019. It is self-released and features 6 tracks plus one bonus track. The bonus track 'Strenuous' was independently released before the EP as a single and the band decided to include it in the EP.

Beyond Our Sight recorded their debut EP inside their rehearsal room. This gives the sound warmth and a sense that the band feels good, which is always of great importance when it comes to making music with people. The riffs are basically mid to fast paced with some melodic hooks. Beyond Our Sight have a really nice sense of melody. Their interpretation of death metal in their music reminded me of melo-death bands like At the Gates and In Flames. The vocals vary from almost typical death metal/deathcore to metalcore with some clean vocal parts added in.

The songwriting is really nice for their young age and shows their talent. The production is nice for a debut EP. However, I think they need to work more to get their tone recorded even better and deliver the listener their atmosphere. The presence of 2 vocalists in the band offers Beyond Our Sight an obvious duality in the use of clear/melodic vocals and screams/grunts. The (hard)core riffing they use will surely make their sound more appealing to a modern audience of metalcore/deathcore/hardcore fans, but I can still hear their old school influences in from melodic death metal and thrash.

Some standout parts of the EP for me were the 'Whitenoise' lead guitar which immediately captured my attention and then the 'Icarus' buzzing intro which has an almost post metal aura. The aforementioned song can be described as metalcore, but the careful listener will listen to Iron Maiden influences in the riffs. The same title track 'The Void Within' is possibly my favorite of the EP. Its demonized a-la Slipknot frenzy really got me!

To sum up, I think Beyond Our Sight released an enjoyable and musically very nice debut EP for fans of metalcore and melodic death metal.

Beyond Our Sight currently write new material. It is always positive to see young people entering the music fields on their own terms with an independent release. This freedom is bliss that we all need. The music industry is another serious chapter and of course I wish Beyond Our Sight the best possible luck in that. For the moment, I believe they are in a good path. I am looking forward for their full length album. And I believe they deserve your attention and support.
Really well done guys!


1. Mindless Impulses
2. Wasteland
3. White Noise
4. The Void Within
5. Your Mind Makes It Real
6. Icarus
7. Strenuous

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Sep 18, 2019

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