Beyond Terror Beyond Grace - Extinction|Salvation

Since the release of Beyond Terror Beyond Grace’s EP in 2005 and this new full length, EXTINCTION|SALVATION, the Aussie band has built its confidence and licked the blurry line between hardcore and metal even cleaner. ‘Tis hard to split those genres asunder in their work. Case in point, a powerful little track of just a minute and a half smack in the middle of the album. “Defeated” is the title and hardcore is how it begins and death metal is how it ends. It opens with regular beats a la Social Distortion (albeit heavier) or Black Flag, and then feedback triggers the rhythm upheaval, the proper growl vox, and the riffs galore. The metal is pronounced in this album significantly more than in their EP, an improvement if you ask me.

I prefer this mixed genre stuff on the heavier edge than toward the old school one. I am not particularly a fan of old school sounds. But Beyond Terror Beyond Grace has developed something that reminds me a little of Prayer for Cleansing (does anyone know their powerful full length RAIN IN ENDLESS FALL?), but without the smoothness. Beyond Terror Beyond Grace is of a rougher place but one that is original nonetheless. They take their originality seriously in tracks such as “Unattainable” where the band plays over the drum and bass some single string heavy plucks instead of the normal riffs. The sound channels Emperor’s “Wrath of the Tyrant” but in a simpler way. And then the CD closes perfectly on a track titled by a number on the verge of a noisy breakdown. Beep, Beep! Blips end the track and signal the end of this quality piece of genre blurring metal core.

1. 002618
2. Fading Light
3. Smiling In The Face Of Despair
4. Reinvention Ghost
5. Recycled Carnage
6. Shards
7. Ultimatum
8. Surveillance
9. Defeated
10. Erosion
11. Divinity Colapse
12. Democracy
13. Machine
14. Born And Raised
15. Unattainable
16. Empty
17. Apathy & Acceptance
18. Gaze Of Finality
19. 022617
Grindhead Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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