Beyond The Rage - Path To Annihilation

Second effort of this Italian melodic death metal quartet. After their previous demo "Solitude Life" you get on this demo four new songs. Well, actually three as the first one is an intro. "Ecstasy Of Death" takes off in a fast tempo with screaming vocals (but he is also grunting) and thrash riffing that sometimes sounding a bit cliche... but there are leads. Tempo vary in the songs but still the melody is kept in mind. Beyond The Rage vary in the songs but they still stay a bit between the safe lines. They could do somerthing wicked or unexpected which gives it more tension and excitment. Who knows, maybe for their next demo.

1. The Path
2. Ecstasy Of Death
3. Visions Of Annihilation
4. Felling Of Guilt
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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