Beyond The Void - Ex Nihilo Nihil

Beyond The Void come from Strasbourg, France. "Ex Nihilo Nihil" is their debut EP and it was released in the dawn of 2020. The band was formed in 2018, but their members have a strong previous experience in the death metal/extreme metal/grindcore scene of their country with bands like Inhumate, Unformed, Apoplexy, Guilty of Reason and Bloody Pride.

After a short intro, the first song of the EP 'Hymns Of Annihilation' begins with a thunderous drumming attack. The riffs are crunchy and pounding. The song maintains a technical groove throughout, but keeps it brutal. The vocals growls complete the horrifying scenery the band builds. At the faster part of the song, the guitars grind out and the vocals become even more brutal enhanced with a gore/grind mood. "Hymns of Annihilation" is a very rhythmical death metal song with excellent guitar twitches and a very nice lead. The overall old school brutal death feeling of the song is more than obvious.

'Awakening Of The Carrion God' begins with a syncopated riff and marching drums. As the song progresses, the bass takes over the leading role in terms of melody and the vocals turn to lower-end growls. Technical passages do appear again through the song. The actual feel lies somewhere between old school brutal death metal and death/grind. I enjoyed very much and would like to comment on the great rhythmical use of the bass, which is something that many bass players tend to forget sometimes. The lead guitar is executed balancing between the technical skills of the lead guitar player and the brutality of the song which results in a rather unholy atmosphere.

'Beyond The Void' is a tech/brutal death metal song with amazing basslines used in the way Death of the after "Human" period issued them. Great melodic guitar phrases slide in, and there are also some tasty and groovy beatdown parts that surely turn this one to a sick tech/brutal death metal tune.

'On My Side of the Screen' begins with a riff that - while remaining technical - still carries all the death/thrash fury and anger with it. The ultra brutal vocals with deep growls and low-end gutturals thicken the result. The technical riffs of the song will satify most tech/death fans. After the first part of the song there are some brutal/grind vocals used for your sickening pleasure. The melodic death metal riff that follows is pretty memorable and the lead is just fabulous.

'Among The Ruins Of Dead Civilisation' fades in with another remarkable bass line that sticks in your mind reminding of the early 90's death metal. The guitar phrasing is ultra sick, and it soon gets sicker with a great grindcore break out. What follows is a mid tempo death metal chunky riff accompanied with some technical phrasing. The discipline of the band regarding their breaks and syncopated rhythms is at a great level. I loved the bass lead that kinda prepares the ear for the Florida lead guitar phrase which actually ends the song.

What I heard in "Ex Nihilo Nihil" is an experienced band which blends its members influences to a style with a death metal core. However, while listening to the EP all these influences do come out. There are brutal death metal, grindcore, technical death metal, gore/grind, death/grind and even some death/thrash riffs used, which combined in the right amount make a very tasty mix. Beyond the Void are talented musicians and delivered a solid EP with a huge variety of extreme metal styles keeping it old-school. The production and the cover artwork drawing support their decision. I am pretty sure they are up for more death metal and I am very curious to listen to their full length when out!


1. Intro
2. Hymns Of Annihilation
3. Awakening Of The Carrion God
4. Beyond The Void
5. On My Side Of The Screen
6. Among The Ruins Of Dead Civilisation

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Apr 9, 2020

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