Bihargam - Blood In The Temple

With concerts almost non-existent for the past year, and so many people missing them, metal artists have taken to putting out livestream shows and albums as a way to bring live music or the sound of live music back to the fans. Less than a year ago Kentucky based Bihargam graced fans with their sophomore effort of gritty black metal in 2020, and now it seems just in last April 2021 they’ve tried to get a live presence out with their first ‘live album’ “Blood In The Temple.” In comparison to their studio album, it is a lot more raw as far as production values, but still clear enough to hear everything that it doesn’t sound like a demo or bootleg. Aside from the ‘warm up track’ of ‘Devouring The Light,’ each track here sounds pretty solid for Bihargam, from the raging ‘The Fool’ to the catchy groove laden ‘The Father-Mother.’ There isn’t too much differentiation between how they sound in the studio vs live, and that partially lends way to the downfall of this live album. The vocals are the biggest hit, especially considering black metal vocals usually sound a lot worse live than on the studio album. Here the vocalist shows he really can perform just as well in the studio box and also on stage.

While it is a solid live collection which demonstrates that on a track like ‘The Church Of Industrial Saints’ these guys can shred and sound awesome, which means they really have talent and don’t rely on too much production value to give them too crisp a sound in the studio when it comes to instruments, the big thing missing from this album is live audience interaction. Almost every live show/ album heard features some sort of cheering, banter between audience and band, or something to make one feel they are part of the crowd, part of the metal family again. Maybe it is a bit of a statement to have Bihargam sound like they are performing to a bunch of empty chairs in a venue or recording a practice session before a big show, but with the way the tracks cut off like the studio didn’t want to have human interaction heard at all makes this live album somewhat of a dud. Yes, Bihargam sound good live, but those who want to experience tham live should go see them live, versus hearing this album which sounds too close to their studio releases, which are quite solid black metal pieces indeed.

2.5 / 5 STARS

1. Devouring The Light
2. The Father-Mother
3. Epiphyte
4. The Screaming Planet
5. The Inanimate Son
6. The Church Of Industrial Saints
7. The Fool
8. Melmoth