Bile - Camp Blood

This is the 2nd album of Dutch grave grinders Bile. Their previous work was from 2000 and now 5 years later they stepped out of our swamps. If you are not familiair with Bile I think you are overwhelmed. The guitars are so low tuned and creating such think wall of sound that you can build on it. Count with that the deep gurgling vocals in mid and fast tempo songs and you get the feeling to be hit by a full loaded truck! This is massive. Lyrically it is based on Friday The 13th movie so expect soundsamples, blood, guts, death and destruction. Camp Blood will be your worst nightmare.

1. Camp Blood
2. Widespread Bloodshed
3. Resurrected
4. Boot Cracked Cranium
5. Axe Wielding Killer
6. Death Curse
7. Bludgeoned And Beaten
8. Dredging The Lake
9. Crazed Stalker
10. Blood Rorschach
11. Bled Dry
12. Deranged Facial Stabbing
13. The Final Chapter
No Escape Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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