Binah - Hallucinating In Resurrecture

This UK trio would have you thinking this is pure old school death metal simply because of the guitar tone, but in actual fact there is much more depth to this release and it has been somewhat of a pleasing experience as a result. There is the expected gnarly buzzsaw guitar tone that cuts through you like a hot knife through a dairy spread, but then it takes a step back and delivers an ambience via keyboard background pieces that really amplify a chord structure that is normally associated with blacker, more extreme form of metal. The underlying juggernaut should not be underestimated however, if you do then something like ‘A New Rotten Dawn’ will tear you a new orifice. In some quarters you hear something that would sit well with early Swedish scene groups before they went completely ambient and atmospheric, then on the other hand you will also appreciate that this band has the ability to merge almost two genres and styles into one massive assault that has a welcomed position on anyone’s sound system, especially when you have full on old school groove death metal like that on the aforementioned ‘A New Dawn’.

A rare sound is out and out technical guitar work, there is much more focus on intensity and on power in the arrangement, this is more a group effort; everyone shines out of their murky pit.  When ‘Crepuscular Transcendence’ gives up its acoustic intro, you are taken into a field of battle that would be defended by the likes of Asphyx, there is such a variation with an underscored feel of total devastation ‘Hallucinating In Resurrecture’ has much more to offer than merely being another old school copycat. Perhaps the lighter atmospherics won’t suit many “old school” fans, but then listen to early 90’s Dutch and Finnish bands; there you will see some comparisons.

Binah have a crushing sound and a talent for arranging songs that boast massive dynamics, thundering drum patterns incorporating some black metal influences. This is all tied to a rotten  buzzsaw guitar sound and vocal delivery that would have some of the Swedish masters looking over their shoulders in awe of what this UK trio are producing. Binah are producing thoroughly crushing tunes of an undead, unholy nature, the monster has arisen and this monster is pretty special.


  1. Into The Psychomanteum (Intro)
  2. Morbid Obumbration
  3. A New Rotten Dawn
  4. The Emissary
  5. Absorption Into the Unearthly
  6. Eminence Of The Sombre
  7. Hallucinating In Resurrecture
  8. Dissoulution
  9. Crepuscular Transcendence
  10. Buried Basptistry (outro)