Biohazard - Reborn In Defiance

So it's about time for reincarnation to work its magic successfully. No butterflies, new lives in Greek Villas, or seeing through the eyes of John Malkovich. It's been almost eighteen years since the original line up has gotten together to record an album and now it's here. "Reborn In Defiance", the way old school hardcore should stick to its roots. Driving guitar riffs, heavy hitting drums, signature vocals and cutting bass lines.

"Vengeance Is Mine" starts off the album with synced up palm mutes and cymbal hits which are absolutely crushing. It's a very driving song and I wouldn't have started with any other one if I had to choose. It's cool they named it "Vengeance Is Mine", because it's like finally getting their vengeance after so many years of not being together. "Reborn" has great dynamics between the melodic parts with clean raspy vocals in contrast with the heavy parts with rough vocals. At 2:16 you just want to raise your horns and bang your fist in unison with the break down that has tons of feel. I'm not sure why they decided to put these type of clean vocals in "Decay". Although it could spark a new fan base, which is always a positive aspect. There are other songs with clean vocals but they have that signature Biohazard rasp that we all love. Same with "You Were Wrong". I just don't feel like these songs fit on this album. I'm all for bands being dynamic and expanding their sound but sometimes it just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the record. "Countdown Doom" has a catchy and heavy chorus you can go back to the office and sing in your head all day. Now this song also is a great example of awesome sounding clean raspy vocals. "Vows of Redemption" and "Killing Me" both start with a great bluesy clean part that have so much feel. I always love hearing any type of blues influence on metal records. A great way to end the record with a dark melodic song called "Season The Sky". It has my favorite solo in it due to the use of great feel and killer vibrato. Reminds me a bit of Dimebag when I hear it. This record is full of driving guitar riffs that make you want to start a circle pit, old school hardcore gang vocals, tasteful and to the point solos and of course the signature sounding vocals that when heard you instantly know your listening to Biohazard.

They will be touring with Madball and E-Town Concrete this year. I feel this is perfect for the sound of the new record. Madball has those driving old school hardcore riffs. While E-Town Concrete has those great raspy clean vocals paired with heavy breakdowns. Now go learn the lyrics so you can join in unison with everyone at the show for the gang vocals. Raise your horns and bang your head while keeping hardcore alive.

  1. 9:IIIX6.941
  2. Vengeance Is Mine
  3. Decay
  4. Reborn
  5. Killing Me
  6. Countdown Doom
  7. Come Alive
  8. Vows Of Redemption
  9. Waste Away
  10. You Were Wrong
  11. Skullcrusher
  12. Never Give In
  13. Season The Sky