Birth Of Depravity - From Obscure Domains

Spanning almost 15 years in the scene, Birth Of Depravity is undoubtedly one of the most respected brutal death metal bands from Greece. "From Obscure Domains" is their second album, after "The Coming of the Ineffable" (2012). The album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in 2016 at Infected Studios, George's from Mass Infection own studios in Livadeia, Greece. The production is good and keeps an old school vibe with no polished shit whatsoever. It was first released on CD through the Indonesian Dismembered Records (2017).

This is a second enhanced version released from Barrett Amiss II (Venereal Messiah, Wasteland, ex-Rasp) own label Sevared Records. The cover artwork this time was made by Zig and it is absolutely amazing (although it came out a bit darker printed).
In this version except from the album, you get as bonus:
- the complete rare promo 2008 (recorded/produced/mixed and mastered by Thanasis of Extreme Violence),
- 6 unreleased live tracks from all their releases, recorded live in 2016 at Greek Death/Grind Fest in Thessaloniki, Greece,
- a rehearsal version of "Ingrained Abnormality" from "The Coming of the Ineffable" captured live at Birth's rehearsal room in 2016.

Let's get to a track by track analysis of the CD.

Tracks 1-9: "From Obscure Domains" full album
The album sets off with one of their best songs to date 'Enhanced Pestilent Conquest'. The basic riff would make most Unique Leader bands jealous. From the very first second you notice the full of technicality and dynamics drums of Mitch (also drummer of Abnormal Inhumane). Greg's vocals feature a somewhat classic aura for the genre while his back up vocals give it a Deicide twist. Thanos bass is thick and most accurate! Theo is a riff master for the genre! A dynamite opening track!
'Inside The Infinity Hole' gets the right groove. The milliseconds the guitar is left alone to shred makes the song more brutal and intense. The band seems to have no problem or boundaries when they want to play at hyperfast speed.
'Realms Of The Absurd' opening riff is backed up by an awesome bass line from Thanos. Theo's riff shines in excellency and Mitch's blasts brought to mind Flo Mournier (Cryptopsy).
'The Great Singular Paradigm Shift' has a more old school Cannibal Corpse vibe throughout, but Suffocation is always present in Birth Of Depravity sound with "Effigy Of The Forgotten" and "Pierced From Within" enshrouding them.
"From Obscure Domains" 8 songs length varies from a little more than 2 mins to a little less than 4 mins. 'Festering Disharmonic Psychology' is one of the lengthiest songs in the album. It is a sick trip to the blackness and bleakness of soul that even when searcing for the light, it still drowns in the abyss of mind. The mid tempo change at the end of the song is absolutely sick and was necessary. It shows clearly that Theo is a great composer.
'Epochs In Stasis' takes Inveracity "Circle Of Perversion" era to a whole new level. I was left in awe with the way Theo's guitar changed speed throughout the song. The way he speeds up and slows down shows his craftsmanship.
'Into Corporeal Form' inducts beatdown groove parts inbetween hyperfast blasting themes. Absolutely sick result and really great job in the mix. 'To Bear Witness' is the last song of the album. Super ast/ shredding guitar riffs give place to sick thrash/death themes. The mid tempo part ending in open chords is sick. The innumerable changes keep the listener's attention and increase adrenaline. The instrumental outro 'Endless Calamity' brings to mind images of destruction after the demolition has ended.

Tracks 10-11: "Promo 2008"
'Dehumanization By Hellfire' and 'Consumed Fucking Humanity' show a primitive face of Birth Of Depravity. However, all their characteristics are in. Excellent blasts, hyperfast riffs and sick brutal death vocals. The bass was performed in this one by Theo.

Tracks 12-17: "Greek Death/Grind Fest live tracks"
On 12 March 2016 Birth Of Depravity hit the stage of the now defunct Greek Death/Grind Fest (that was a 2 days fest: 12 and 13 March 2016), sharing the stage with significant local death/grind bands like Mortal Torment, Necrorgasm, Acid Death, DreamLongDead, Murder Made God and Erectus to name a few. They gave a hellish show out of which 'Dehumanization by Hellfire', 'Enhanced Pestilent Conquest', 'Inside The Infinity Hole', 'Misconceived Superiority', 'Epochs In Stasis' and 'Enormous Voracity' are included here to reveal the intensity of their live shows. The songs out of "From Obscure Domains" performed here had not yet been released at the time.

Track 18: "Rehearsal 2016"
'Ingrained Abnormality' comes from their debut "The Coming Of The Ineffable". Here you can listen how the band performs the song in 2016, 4 years after its original release, live at their rehearsal base. Their flow is proficiency is unbelievable.

To sum up, "From Obscure Domains" is an excellent second album from Birth Of Depravity, one of the best brutal death metal bands from Greece at the moment. The album is honest and faithful to the principles and roots of death metal. In the Sevared version you get as bonus the rare "promo 2008" plus live and rehearsal tracks, which makes it a bigger package and a chance to form a more spherical view on their work. Birth Of Depravity deserve a global recognition and they will have it! It's just a matter of time!


1. Enhanced Pestilent Conquest
2. Inside The Infinity Hole
3. Realms Of The Absurd
4. The Great Singular Paradigm Shift
5. Festering Disharmonic Psychology
6. Epochs In Stasis
7. Into Corporeal Form
8. To Bear Witness
9. Endless Calamity (Outro)
10. Dehumanization By Hellfire
11. Consumed Fucking Humanity
12. Dehumanization By Hellfire
13. Enhanced Pestilent Conquest
14. Inside The Infinity Hole
15. Misconceived Superiority
16. Epochs In Stasis
17. Enormous Voracity
18. Ingrained Abnormality