Bizarre Embalming - Necrosadistic Surgery

Bizarre Embalming is delivering a kind of concept album about necro surgery. 16 Songs of brutal grind with a focus on the guitarriffs with few short leads. Aggressive melodies with fast drumming and brutal vocals. I like this album for the brutalness and the guitarwork. And a pity the surgery is over so soon.

1. Intro: Necrosadistic...
2. Preparation of Resected Womb Tumour
3. Bizarre Diagnosis
4. Forced Excrements Taking
5. Inhalation Control of Putrefaction
6. Throax Opening Using the Pincers
7. Intro: Symphony of Cutter
8. Low Speed Cutter Abscess Removal
9. Kaviar Master
10. Biodegraded Embryo Devourment
11. Undigested Purulent Inflammation Vomiting
12. I View to an Anatomically Dysentered Torso After Necropsy
13. Genital Resection and Vulva Devourment
14. Perverted Examinations Institute
15. Insomnia (Blood cover)
16. Prolapsus Recti
Bizarre Leprous Production
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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