Black Curse - Endless Wound

I started seeing the name Black Curse earlier this year. It was often followed by "AOTY". I had to hear it. I mean, shit, look at the list of bands the 4 members of Black Curse also play in. Talk about pedigree.

Ok, so now onto their debut LP, "Endless Wound". Blasting off with the opener, 'Charnel Rift', is pure fucking filthy fury. That nasty "Denver sound". Crunchy guitars, gnarly low end, precision drums and haunting echoing vocals. Riffs Riffs Riffs. I'm a sucker for pick slides and chilling guitar notes that add layers and depths to riffs, so yeah, I'm in!
Next up is, 'Crowned In (Floral) Vice', and is just as gross. Hyperspeed rage and aggression. I can't get enough of their guitar tone. The vocal delay.....ahhhhhh. And this recording. The overall sound adds to the relentless punishing delivery. It's reminiscent of OG Finland demos. To me, at least.

Another area they excel in, is showcased in the title track. Just after the 2 minute mark, enters a slow doomy (Incantation like) section. Where other bands could potentially lose you, they keep the sludge interesting with chilling guitar layers and hellish screeches and demonic growls and just as it becomes somewhat trance-like, one of the heaviest riffs on the album rips out. Taking the tempo in a different direction entirely, but not affecting the mood. Bravo.

The LP rounds out with 'Finality I Behold'. The longest of the album and DOES NOT LET UP. Total decimation. Totally crushing. Much like the rest of the LP, this track devastates for all it's almost nine minute existence. Imagine the apocalypse having a soundtrack. It does. Black Curse wrote it. Listen, pick your brains off the ground, replace your face, take a deep breath and listen again.

Lastly, the filth/gnar/nasty movement has spawned many releases. Without something special, many releases can go virtually unnoticed. Black Curse IS something special and "Endless Wound" should and will be noticed.

Favorite tracks:
'Charnel Rift'
'Crowned In (Floral) Vice'
'Finality I Behold'

4.25 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Charnel Rift
2. Crowned In (Floral) Vice
3. Enraptured By Decay
4. Seared Eyes
5. Lifeless Sanctum
6. Endless Wound
7. Finality I Behold