Black Sachbak – No Pay No Gain

Released in 2013, "No Pay No Gain" delivers that old school thrash metal sound we came to love in the eighties. The songs are short, powerful and bring that feeling of being under a highway overpass with spray-paint cans and skateboards.

Black Sachbak hail from Petah Tikva, Israel – just outside of Tel Aviv – and their sound is worth checking out for thrash metal lovers. The album, "No Pay No Gain" is only twenty-two minutes long (standard for a simple thrash metal album) but the listener gets so much out of those twenty-two minutes.

While the lyrics are close to impossible to understand (what else is new in the world of metal?), the song titles speak volumes of the message this band is trying to send.

The intro on 'Haircut I Never Got' resembles Metallica’s intro on 'Whiplash' but then quickly goes into speedy riffs and drums, inaudible vocals (except for the chorus) and just when you think the song will get faster there is a major breakdown with some silly vocals.

The longest song on the album, 'Marx Was Right' at 3:49, and is killer from beginning to end. The riffs are lightning quick and the bass (you can actually hear it) compliments the song without being overbearing. Chants of background vocals, 'Marx Was Right' fit perfect and yet another badass guitar solo makes this the best song on the album.

If you have a hankering for wicked, gritty thrash metal, you want to add this album to your collection.

1. Haircut I Never Got
2. The IMF
3. Dubstep Sucks
4. Marx Was Right
5. Beer Law
6. Soher (cover Tamir Gal)
7. Capitalist Zombies
8. Fuck Your Law
9. TV
10. Smoke Hash

Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Aug 17, 2014
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