Blaspherian - Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation/ Summoning Of The Infernal Hoards (Rehearsal demo)

I trully cannot believe my eyes or ears!!! i was just at our drummers house and we were listening to Imprecation!!! We were talking about the old school Texan bands such as Imprecation and Infernal Dominion and about how goddamn heavy they were, how they harnessed that Incantation - vibe and almost upped the pace just slightly. And Goddammit, i was told literally today that Wes Infernal, who was in both of these bands had a new band, Blaspherian!!!

And so, here it is!!! Like the previous bands, they are so heavy words can barely describe it! If you can imagine Incantation with more blast beats you would be close to the sound. This cd is a collection of the bands 2007 ep and it`s 2006 demo respectively.Having just heard the aforementioned bands literally just there today, i can say the production on offer on these 2 huge slabs of death metal is not as good however dont let that put you off as absolutely no heaviness is compromised as that is the name of the game here and of course: Satan. All of the bands mentioned here are very much in a satanic vein and Blaspherian is no different so the music is dark, brooding, almost doom like in parts but so heavy. This music is about as far away from the mainstream as you can get. The songs are written in such away that each track builds up and up. The riff sequence compliments each other with one thing in mind, sheer heaviness. This recording does not rely exclusively on speed for heaviness if anything quite the opposite. These are though rehearsal demos and i do wish they were properly recorded as they would have been beyond mighty. But if anything they are abit of a collectors piece as Blaspherian are a cult band in the making. That saying the songs can get a little bit repetitive than that Of Wes Infernal`s previous outings but it is a good listen. With this having been my first listen ever of Blaspherian, i wish that it had not been these demo recordings featuring repetition of the same tracks but hey shit happens. From what i can see these guys are still active however have not released anything since 2007 and i do hope that one day we are treated to a full length properly recorded studio album for this is one huge slab of brutal blasphemy. Lovely stuff though not quite as good as Imprecation norĀ  Infernal Dominion but surely worth a listen! For fans of the old school and the blasphemous!

1. Allegiance To The Will Of Damnation
2. Curse His Name
3. Prayer Of Satanic Hate
4. Crusade Towards Unholy Deliverance
5 Enthroned In Blasphemous Triumph
6. Of Unholy Blood
7. To Walk The Path Of Unrighteousness
8. Crusade Towards Unholy Deliverance
9. Allegiance Towards The Will Of Damnation
10. Curse His Name
11. Prayer Of Satanic Hate
Deathgasm Records
Reviewer: Connor
Nov 28, 2010

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