Blast Off - World Of Lies

Teutonic terror thrash from Spain sounds quite exciting doesn’t it? It should, the release is only four tracks long but its definitely motivational and exciting.

‘Government of Money’ shows the most variation in the arrangements there is even a darker side to the vocals on this one, perhaps even a leaning towards the blacker side of metal in one place before continuing the juggernaut. If you want a heads down break from the boring thrash out there, have a crack at ‘Blackout’. This one has a Kreator feel, as does most of this release with a slab of very early Exodus for good measure. The vocals are raw, the rhythms are varied and have the necessary time signature changes available to rest your neck after the onslaught of thrash that this band has recorded.

Over recent years, the thrash revival took a similar turn to its original incarnation, it became stale and more of the same. Whilst I don’t say this is a different approach, there is a clear energy and excitement about this recording. A touch of raw energy makes all the difference and the fact that the arrangements gel perfectly, this makes this a very cool thrash release.

  1. Magnicide     
  2. Blackout      
  3. Government Of Money     
  4. Hunter Of Evil