Blastanus - Odd

Blastanus is a congeries of four Finish musicians sharing the same love and interest for extreme and twisted Death / Grind. “Odd” is the bands first sign of life since their founding back in 2007 and let me tell you it´s a weird one. What you get is fast, relentless Death Metal / Grindcore stuff with lots of disharmonic tunes and pretty harsh vocals as well as some serious Black Metal orientated ingredients (“Incarnation”). Well, the grinding parts represent the majority of “Odd” and 16 songs in 35 minutes take a firm stand, but fans of technical and extreme music will be also served very well. If you´re already fed up now, you don´t need to read any further, but if you´re still interested in a lethal dose of Finish extremity, please feel free to go on. These guys are equipped with remarkable skills and independent ideas to express their vision of sick and inapproachable creations. The proof is adduced in every song. Obviously inspired by such bands as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cryptopsy, Circle Of Dead Children and Pig Destroyer, Blastanus are shredding their way through your auditory canal. Expect nothing else than extraordinary and partly exorbitant fretboard gymnastics with unpredictable tempo variations and a vague trace of Mathcore frenzy. The recording quality is ok like that and not one single tune gets drowned in muddy sequences, but I can only recommend this full length album to those who are interested in the before mentioned bands or technical stuff mainly. To every other receptive listener, “Odd” could be too arduous, too exhausting or might contain too much information at once and is maybe accordingly uninteresting. Choose for yourself.

  1. Greed

  2. Lies That Bind

  3. Nihility Neighbourhood

  4. Rathunting

  5. Scam

  6. Drumstick Made Eyehole

  7. In Distress

  8. Burn, Bitch

  9. Odd Times

  10. Hese

  11. Punk Bitch Part One

  12. Punk Bitch Part Two

  13. Overgrow The Government

  14. Calyptron

  15. Incarnation

  16. King Of Encrustations

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Dec 5, 2009

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