Blessed By Perversion – Between Roots And Darkness

These Greek newcomers offer a full length of safe death metal following on from an EP and split in 2012 and earlier this year respectively. The bands clinical sonic destruction is unlikely to fuel the fires of death metal fans but the potential is certainly there for the future. The moment this album starts with ‘Into Funereal Darkness’ the Morbid Angel proximity alarm is screaming loudly which is not a criticism, purely an observation. The band has written a very coherent and well-structured album with excellent lead breaks and dextrous percussion as the album continues with ‘Brainwashing The Unborn’ with its good bass hook before a blast insertion.

With today’s death metal scene seemingly subdividing itself into various genres from the ugly sewerage style to the more clinical and technical style this band attempts to straddle both by using cavernous vocal bawling alongside a technical adroitness that works extremely well even if it is a little on the benign side overall. ‘Charred And Unburied Flesh’ which has accomplished pace dynamics and nice riff breaks coupled to the cymbal work which emphasises the riff very well. Mr. Chuck Schuldiner is an obvious influence here too without any copying, with the maestro’s style aiding the bands own riffing and song structuring excellently.

The nigh on seven minutes of ‘Unveiling Of Reality’ has some fervent bass work situated next to a slow double kick and cymbal approach right before a bruising riff and surging double bass follow up. Fastest track goes to ‘Close To The Devil’s Borders’ which is similar to Hate Eternal, with outright sonic carnage. The lull in pace enables the track to breathe ready for its finale of blast and creates a platform for the pounding heaviness of ‘Lamentation Of Souls’ which oozes death metal purity. ‘Vomit The Cancer Of Christ’ closes this highly promising debut with a blaze of blasted wrath that leads into an excellent catchy riff break and straight up head banging style. The machete like riff breaks hack remorselessly and it is these aspects I enjoyed thoroughly along with the pulverising speed workouts.

As a debut this band have a lot to live up to for their sophomore but I think that release will be immense, hence my conservative score for this, but suffice to say if you like death metal and you like Morbid Angel, Death etc then get this.

Reviewer: Martin Harris

Sep 23, 2016

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Blessed By Perversion – Between Roots And Darkness

  1. Into Funereal Darkness
  2. Brainwashing The Unborn
  3. Charred And Unburied Flesh
  4. Unveiling Of Reality
  5. Close To The Devil's Borders
  6. Lamentation Of Souls
  7. Heretic Seeds Of Salvation
  8. Vomit The Cancer Of Christ

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