Blessed By Perversion – Remnants Of Existence

Third work (read the review for “Between Roots And Darkness” here) for these Blessed By Perversion, death metal band from Athens, Greece. “Remnants Of Existence” looks like an EP given the length of only 25 minutes.

‘Descending To The Catacombs’ is the right intro to open the gates of hell by Blessed By Perversion with the subsequent ‘Gallery Of Bones’. The songs refer to a clear American-style death metal (Monstrosity, Deicide and old Morbid Angel) without neglecting anything from the teachings that the rest of Europe can give in this field, first of all the increasingly present Sinister.

“Remnants Of Existence” is a great EP, well played and produced with great songs. Truly amazing ‘Within Monumental Chaos’, the last trace of this work that recalls in all respects the already mentioned Deicide. Thick riffs and cavernous vocals raise a wall of pure and pristine death metal. Destructive rhythm section, melody and horror settings make this work an absolute must have for all lovers of the genre.

Nothing to envy to albums by much more well-known groups. Surely these Blessed By Perversion will still have a lot to say and the conditions are more than positive. Really well constructed and blended work. Totally a must have. Great.

4 / 5 STARS 

Reviewer: Enrico Benedetti

Feb 8, 2021

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Blessed By Perversion – Remnants Of Existence

review Blessed By Perversion - Remnants Of Existence

1. Descending To The Catacombs
2. Gallery Of Bones
3. Atonement Refused
4. Among The Tombs Of Absent Gods
5. Caverns Of Torture
6. Within Monumental Chaos


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