Blessed Dead - Sick Human Essence

Blessed Dead's first EP 'Sick Human Essence' takes some getting used to, but after the first two tracks really ends up making the best of raw, old school Death Metal. From a track like "Palace Of Ruin" the music sounds great with a fast, buzz saw pace that doesn't overtake the drums that sound like rapid hammering, but the vocals sadly have the issue of barely being audible. These deep growls sound perfect but only if they were louder; the higher pitched shrieks are much more audible, but don't sound as intense. Later on a track like "Evocation..." there is a much needed boost to sound all around and the growls can actually be heard for once. The music even slows down a bit for a plodding, begrudging rhythm that is still very raw and twisted- almost dark- but not in any way touching Gothic or Doom Metal. The interlude on this song is perhaps the key focus of the album despite its repetition with a slow, melodic pace that is different from the typical chug heavy assault that Blessed Dead usually performs. There is also a much cleaner sounding, revamped version of "Secret Of Resurrection" that was featured on their first demo. The music is still pretty raw and at times the vocals tend to fall into the same issue that they do on the first two tracks, but overall the guitars have much less of a 'garage sound' and the music touches on strong influences from early Dismember and even a group like Torture Killer, though not as groovy or repetitive. Blessed Dead is definitely a little more technical and brutal than that.


  1. Palace Of Ruin
  2. Mental Collapse
  3. Evocation From The Unconscious Void
  4. Secret Of Resurrection (2012 version)

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 4, 2012

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