Blightmass - Severed From Your Soul

Blightmass is a band from Lyon, France and "Severed From Your Soul" is their debut album in which vocalist is Jesse Jolly from the Tampa, Florida band Diabolic. So you can expect good deep growls mixed with heavy guitars and powerful drumming.

Blightmass offer twelve tracks (plus intro) of Morbid Angel and Monstrosity influenced death metal with thick sound and technical playing. At moments their music is also very melodic and filled with guitar lead harmonies.

The opening track 'My Embrace' will make your head move up and down and shows what the whole album is about - uncompromising old school death metal played by seasoned musicians. 'Destruction Inevitable' and 'Misery From Martyrdom' continue the relentless musical onslaught that Blightmass deliver. The guitar riffs are tight and the drumming is varied and not just stuck into the blastbeat pattern.

There are some thrash and black metal influences here and there but as a whole this is just pure old school death metal from the Floridian type. The record ends with a smashing cover of Carcass''Black Star' which stands out as the most melodic track on the album. If you are into good sounding death metal then check this out!

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Pale Child (intro)
2. My Embrace
3. Destruction Inevitable
4. Misery For Martyrdom
5. Invert Ascension
6. Severed From Your Soul
7. When He Wakes
8. Grave Hatred
9. Scorched Atrocity
10. They Will Listen To The Dead
11. To Have Bled The Price
12. Vision Of Desolation (outro)
13. Black Star (cover Carcass)