Blood Dancer - Blood Dancer

From San Diego, California, comes a band of heavy metal and melodic power metal that I really enjoy giving my opinion to. Sincerely this is an excellent album, and immediately when I listened, I noticed a young talented band, which is considered a follower of many influences of big band such as, Iron Maiden, Dio, etc. Well, many people say it when a band from heavy metal is something so great, but I have very wide eyes about modern bands from today and this work is very focused on great modern bands powerful such as Italian bands of this genre too.

In a small synthesis to begin, here's a singer with fascinating voice in the genre, more guitars and bass very melodic considerably in its entirety, which to me are stunning compositions with very creative riffs to pure melodic feeling, more a drums that is well structured on an album that have incredible sound entirely.

If we seek a particular musical concept and balance to say what could be its modern influences, I think the singer Christopher Barclay lyrically is very open and on expanding, and with his talents he will watch my opinion as one step or another option nothing more. He is one of the biggest factors here to consider, and I talk about its amazing voice that is almost very typical Italian, and almost luxurious like great modern bands from there, and no doubt about it, because I see in that way this singer, and is really very luxury and fresh for appreciate. It's very nice to have this in mind because he is very talented. Well, a few more words to add about Christopher Barclay. He has influences that are traditional, but also very modern, and is deeply in these beautiful and incredible limits truly significant, because he has a personal tone and is essential in a band for be truly full originality!

The guitars have enormous potential and are very melodic and make an album with powerful riffs that you enjoy completely, they provide a fantastic work for listening, and the album is full of riffs and structures perfectly well made and they go making of both instruments a great feeling of rhythm constant varied in riffs and melodies, it's very good, but they are much more complete yet, Cory Barclay on lead guitar is really excellent and is for admire indeed its potential.

They have an amazing ability, and in a song fascinatingly acoustic really very beautiful is very noticeable to such a degree that this band throughout of all this is full of inspiration! Both guitarists are amazing, and there a awesome sound-study on the album and it shows your talent in complete!

I think this band has a brilliant mind-globally despite being so young, but they know what they want and that they will get very far!

  1. Realm Of The Blood Dancer
  2. Death To The Saints
  3. Herald Of War
  4. Without Heroes
  5. Monster
  6. Discourse Of The Soul
  7. Skulls Crushed And People Burned
  8. Palace Of Bones
  9. Last Stand Of The Pagan Kings

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 23, 2013

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