Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis

Blood Red Throne delivers a real face slapper with there 4th album. 12 Death metal in its purest form. Brutal, fast, groovy, technically and diverse. What more can a tortured soul want? Speedlimits are running in 3 figures but they put breaks in to create a moshing scene. Very convincing album that would be glad entering your CD collection.

1. Death to birth
2. Incarnadine mangler
3. Tortured soul appearance
4. Eye-licker
5. Mephitication
6. Arterial lust
7. Flesh to destroy
8. Ripsaw resentment
9. Altered genesis
10. Smite
11. State of darkness
12. Deliberate carnage
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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