Blood Red Throne - Come Death

4th studio release from these Norwegian Gods of Brutal Fucking Death Metal!! "Come Death" isn't a statment..Its a fucking dare! You don't say scream it!!!! Right from the first track Blood Red Throne grabs you by the eye sockets and pulverizes you into muscular pulp! This record is so heavy and so fucking cold you can only categorize it in one word. BRUTAL!!! Classic, Heavy, thick, blazing guitars. Bass that comes at you like a bat to your skull, and a sound to the bass that in my opinion is absolutely perfect (Think how Alex Webster's bass sounded on Tomb of the Mutilated-that to me is perfect). Bludgeon drums that kick you right into your untimely demise! Vocals that are the very definition of aggression and brutality. Tight, Technical, Aggressive, Barbaric-Classic fucking record.

Blood Red Throne have taken the most Brutal Parts of Testament, Cannibal Corpse, and a fuck load of hatefuled groove to create an album so heavy it defies sanity, surges adrenaline, and turns cities to salt!Blood Red Throne has made the rest of the underground look like pussies! I expect a really big step up in the very near future from everyone. Take Gorguts, Testament, Cannibal, and Hatebreed and put them in a fight-and you'll be on the right track! Most records have a sticker that say For Fans Of Suffocation". This record needs a sticker that reads "Do not operate machinery, motor vehicles, or remain in enclosed areas while listening to this release. It will result in Property Damage, Outrageous Pits, and Certain Death". And it that aint enough... its out on Earache!!!

1.Slaying the Lamb
2. Deranged Assassin
3. Rebirth in Blood
4. Guttural Screams
5. Taste of God
6. No New Beginning
7. Come Death
8. Disincarnated (cover Gorguts)
9. Another Kill
Earache Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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