Blood Red Throne - Fit To Kill

I was blown away by "The Union Of Flesh And Machine", the 2016 album of the Norwegian death metal monsters Blood Red Throne. I thought that it couldn't get more precise, more dark and brutal than that but the new title "Fit To Kill" proved me wrong.

The ninth studio album of Blood Red Throne smashes the brain of the listener into a bloody pulp! Vocalist Yngve "Bolt" Christiansen is again in top form, he easily switches from deep powerful growls to high hysterical blackish screams in a way that only the mighty Peter Tagtren is capable of. The production of "Fit To Kill" is also on a top notch level and you can easily hear what every instrument is playing. There is no doubt that the guys in Blood Red Throne are very talented and experienced musicians as well as full of ideas. They perfectly blend US brutal death metal with oldschool European death/black metal sound and the final result is really impressive.

There is no need to point out particular songs - all tracks on "Fit To Kill" are like nails hammered in your skull! Fast, mid-tempo or slow, Blood Red Throne deliver it with great precision and brutal heaviness. This album is so far one of my favourite releases of 2019 and fully represents the high level of one of the best Norwegian metal bands. This is a buy-or-die product for sure!


1. Requiem Mass
2. Bloodity
3. Killing Machine Pt. 2
4. WhoreZone
5. Skyggemannen
6. Instructed Insanity
7. Movement Of The Parasites
8. Deal It Or Die
9. End