Blood Tsunami - For Faen

Intense Crossover Thrash Metal is one of my favorite genres of Metal. The bands are usually very consistent with their Hardcore Punk meets classic Thrash music. Crossover Thrash albums start out with intense mosh pit forming music and finish off leaving a mass trail of destruction behind them. Blood Tsunami is a Crossover Thrash Metal band from Norway that plays fast ear shattering Hardcore Punk driven Thrash Metal with some Death Metal and other influences. I would say that their overall sound is mainly Crossover Death Thrash based but I can even hear influences ranging from classic early eighties Metal to even some early Black Metal influences like Bathory and Venom. Still these guys combine a large amount of different metal elements to create their own brand of wicked sounding music. Their new album “ For Faen” is a complete solid metal release that displays tremendous consistency. Norway is known for its illustrious metal history and Blood Tsunami makes the case to be part of that notable metal legacy with this album.

Upon hearing the first track, “The Butcher of Rostov,” I was instantly drawn to the heavy thunderous pounding drum introduction. Then the ominous sounding guitar playing creeps in and explodes into an extremely killer Crossover Thrash riff. The vocals are aggressive and harshly present graphic lyrical content. This style of singing reminds me of the vocals on Bathoryʼs first album and of other modern Crossover Thrash bands like Toxic Holocaust. The drumming on this album adds to the fierce intense sound which can be heard throughout the album. His double bass drum rattles off lighting quick rhythms while keeping up with the galloping Thrash guitar riffs. Blood Tsunamiʼs songs are usually short crushing tunes that maintain a high level of intensity. One of my favorite songs on the album is “The Rape of Nanking.” The song is a brief explosion of thrashing madness accompanied by vivid lyrics. Another great song off this album is “Grave Desecrator.” This song features a Black Metal sounding quick note shredding guitar riff and the production gives the song a haunting theme. Again the consistency of this album is truly amazing. Blood Tsunami does not stray too far away form their Crossover Thrash Metal blueprint. The album finishes off strong with the song “Krokodil.” The guitar player comes up with an evil sounding introduction riff to create a spooky tritone sounding Black Sabbath like riff. Then the music morphs into Blood Tsunamiʼs distinctive Crossover Thrash sound to complete this metal release.

“For Faen” is a great metal album that does not disappoint when pertaining to heavy Crossover Thrash. Blood Tsunami incorporates plenty of other metal elements into this album too, allowing for them to attract a wide range of different metals fans. I think Blood Tsunami is a consistent sounding metal band that offers listeners music which stays consistent throughout this album. All those who love Crossover Thrash, Death Metal, Black Metal, and like great solid sounding Heavy Metal need to check out this album. Blood Tsunami destroys all those in their path with “For Faen” and are a force to be taken seriously.

1. The Butcher Of Rostov
2. Dogfed
3. The Rape Of Nanking
4. In The Dungeon Of The Rats
5. Metal Fang
6. The Brazen Bull
7. Grave Desecrator
8. Unholy Nights
9. B.T.K
10. Krokodil