Bloodfeast Ritual - Altars Of Sacrifice

Los Angeles 3 piece Bloodfeast Ritual unleash hymns of blasphemy in death metal with their EP “Altars Of Sacrifice". Drawing on influences that range from standard death metal to slam death and melo death there is quite a bit here that any sub-genre death metal fan can enjoy. Right from the opening track ‘Grave Fodder’ one will notice the clarity of the vocals with the music- usually lots of death metal albums have the vocals thick and murky like the old school bands such as Dismember or guttural and hellish such as Katalepsy, but Bloodfeast Ritual seem to go more the Amon Amarth route with a well discernable snarl that is brutal but still easy to understand. This makes their music quite accessible and enjoyable even to newcomers of the death metal genre. Other tracks like ‘Eternally Molested…’ and ‘Chopped Up And Burned’ are more standard death metal fare and with their hints of thrashy elements would appeal to those of more 90s/ early 2000 death metal groups like Deicide.

‘No More Room In Hell’ serves as the stand out track of the EP for its thick, chunky riffs and layered vocals which makes this beastly track quite a head banger and with the repetitive groove near the end it almost feels like slam metal without the pig squeals. Plus, the solo is probably one of the longest and more melodic versus some of the others. In short, the EP is quick, but an excellent taste of what Bloodfeast Ritual have to offer and future works from these guys is going to be pretty impressive. It is a shame there are not more tracks or longer songs to show their more progressive side. They may not quite make it to Cannibal Corpse ‘legendary’ status, but they will surely become a staple name for someone who enjoys death metal.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Grave Fodder
2. Eternally Molested By The One Most Foul
3. No More Room In Hell
4. Chopped Up And Burned
5. Fetid Offering

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 31, 2020

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