Bloodmoon - Identity Denied

Coined as a "five track death metal journey", Bloodmoon's "Identity Denied" is exactly that! The vibe here is very old school, which I like alot! The recording itself is very raw whilst still maintaining its overall heaviness which is very cool. What really impressed me the most was the vocals, goddamn they're good!!! Ranging from low to outright guttural. These guys have only been around for a short time, since 2006 in fact but have been carving a name for themselves since.

As I mentioned before these guys are very much in the old school vein drawing influences from the likes of Bloodbath, old Entombed, Dismember and of course Holland`s very own Gorefest. The 5 tracks are very well written and literally do suck the listener in and take them on a soulside journey! Each track is very catchy with alot of groove which is guarenteed to get any head bangin'!!! My only gripe would be the guitar sound could have been abit heavier because it sounds alittle thin at times.

Definitely worth picking this up if your a fan of the old school!!! Look out for an full length album from these guys in 2010! Filthyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

1. To Be Mine
2. Identity Denied
3. The Unholy Deceiver
4. Devourment
5. World Of Chaos

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 4, 2010

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