Bloodthirst/Excidium - Infernal Thrashing Kommandments

Anyone looking for super down tuned guitars, hardcore vocals or chugging guitars, this split between Bloodthirst and Excidium is NOT for you. This release is for serious thrashers only; the title, Infernal Thrashing Kommandments, should have made that obvious. Both bands have a blackened thrash sound that will have any thrash fan banging their heads in no time. With the exception of the Intros, the songs have all the elements a thrash fan needs, blistering leads, seething hateful vocals and thunderous drums. This isn’t that new thrash stuff either, this is bullet belt, patched up jean jacket, metal first in your face thrash. Both of these bands show the world how thrash is played in Poland and they do not disappoint. Give this CD a listen and punish your neck!

1. Intro
2. Assassination Is Absolute
3. Of Bestiality In Our Veins
4. 1000 Days In Sodom (cover Venom)
5. Immortal Rites (cover Morbid Angel)

6. Intro
7. Blackened Thrash Assassins
8. Chaostorm
9. First To Fight
10. Vengeance Out Of Hell
11. Dead Cities
12. Evil Invaders (cover Razor)
Gruft Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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