Bloody Sadism - Eloquent Atrocity

As a one man band project, "Eloquent Atrocity" is actually not a bad record to release, especially in the knowing that you don't always hear about metal bands coming out of countries such as Iran. So in that aspect, there is a respectful atmosphere when blasting this debut album. In terms of death metal being released in 2020, there isn't any room for complications. You either release something pummelling and desirable, or something bog standard that might get forgotten about in the next few months. Bloody Sadism somehow fit inbetween the two.

The production on the record is average, something I'm always swaying in two minds about. The drumming is quite clearly programmed and repetitive, this usually bothers me but not so much with this album. The samples used are expected, and always a bit of fun with death metal releases. The guitars appear crunchy with thick riffs, often entering doom metal territories, sadly these often get drowned out with the drums. Pooyan's vocals are the best feature on the album. His voice is able to shift between many different grunts and growls, croaks and brees, often impressively showcasing more variation than the usual brutal vocalist.

Whilst there's a significant lack of originality overall, there's still something to be offered for the casual extreme metal addict. I personally feel like "Eloquent Atrocity" is a step in the right direction, but feel that Pooyan's project will adapt and grow over the years to become something much more revealing than just this record. There's so much potential, especially with the hope of a full band to join him in making Bloody Sadism that much more real. Once Pooyan adjusts his creation, I guarantee this won't be the end of Bloody Sadism, and I very much look forward to hearing a future release.


1. Intro
2. Eloquent Atrocity
3. Ecstasy
4. Ravenous Whore
5. Pregnant Cunt
6. Sadomasochism
7. Withered Vaginal
8. Bipolar Disorder
9. Lucid Dream
10. Outro (Dead In Mind)