Body Harvest – Futile Creation

Body Harvest – quite energetic guys. The album is listened believe: it did not bring boredom, as sometimes happens when listening to some of the ‘creations’.

The whole album “Futile Creation” is made at a good speed, evil and desperately – real death metal. Drummer tries his best, without rest, as is customary in good death.

It seems nowhere else trite guitar moves, although the group does not offer anything new. It isn’t fresh, but not banal.

Drums sound a little strange at first – they have too ‘fat’ sound. It was killing me at first listening and it finished off me by the end of the album – it was a pleasure like “Sadistic Existence”. When I solved on the second and subsequent listening, it ceased to cause me discomfort, I realized that it’s a not bad record.

The sound of “Futile Creation” is made in the manner of ‘black metal’ commands that specifically make their sound worse than it is, or make a ‘raw’ sound. Here it refers to the drums, which clog everything else at the first listening of this album. But the guys stayed with such a variant, being in search of their own sound, I guess. At a later audition, resigned to such filing sound, begin to understand what’s what.

Good vocals, sharp guitar solos, nimble drummer – in general, it’s a normal spiteful death metal. It can be said that the musicians stood out a little with this album among other young death metal bands. Although seriously to say that Body Harvest has their own unique style, it is too early: I think we should wait for the next album.

Reviewer: Vjedma

Apr 20, 2014

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Body Harvest – Futile Creation

  1. Sadistic Existence
  2. Condemned To Suffer
  3. Failed Oppressor
  4. Deluded Thoughts
  5. Mindrape
  6. Bound To The Sky
  7. Systematic Genocide
  8. Human Death Quest
  9. Into The Pandemonium
  10. Death Sphere

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