Bodyfarm – Battle Breed

Dutch death metal is not merely limited to a few big names, Bodyfarm have been plying their war machine for about 6 years now. Fresh on a new label, and with one hell of a release, the future is exciting if ‘Battle Breed’ is anything to go by.

Of course, there will be similarities to those masters, especially Hail Of Bullets, ‘The Dark Age’ even features to unmistakable voice of Martin Van Drunen, a track in itself is brutal and special, the added bonus of Van Drunen makes your smile increase immensely, it did for me anyway! ‘Saxon Victory’ brutalises your speakers and perhaps my standout track ‘The Last Crusade’ is a true mark of death metal perfection right down the perfect guitar tone and song writing overall. There is also some more extreme forms of death metal added to the mix with songs like ‘Prince Of Wallachia’ and the following ‘Storming Revolution’. More a blackened death approach, especially with the drum patterns akin to Unanimated for example to my mind. There are also thrashier moments and some downright torturing moments akin to Asphyx from the start of ‘Death By Fire’.

Standing tall and proud, Bodyfarm should really be making waves with this release. It is relentlessly brutal and very fulfilling for any old school death metal fan, an essential purchase and no brainer with plenty of life left to go a touch further with their wealth of experience and progression gained from their last release to this ‘Battle Breed’.

Reviewer: Paul Maddison

Oct 17, 2015

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Bodyfarm – Battle Breed

  1. Hell March (Intro) 
  2. The Dark Age  
  3. Saxon Victory  
  4. Dawn Of Defeat  
  5. The Last Crusade  
  6. Prince Of Wallachia  
  7. Storming Revolution  
  8. Firing Squad  
  9. Wolfpack  
  10. Death By Fire 
  11. Slaves Of War

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