Bogrit - Kantot Ki Gadan

This is the first band from the Philippines that I have heard and…Whoa! Crazy Brutality is the game! Bogrit has released a split with Whoretuary and has released a demo. This is their first full-length release. Did I say “their?” I mean his. Bogrit is a one-man project and my experience has taught me that when people are sick enough of the world to make music alone, the results are breakthrough. Burzum is a perfect example, but there is also Ildjarn, Ancient Necropsy, and the more-dark/emo-than-brutal Rome. This brutal gore death is grungy, filled with electro-synth noises as fillers, and contains no titles in English. I assume the titles are in Tagalog as that is the main language in the Philippines. Some of the titles are: “Gloria macapagal arroyo scandal,” “Tobol,” and “Nana kan gobyerno.” Most one-person projects embrace a technical musicality and leave the vocals as accompaniment. Not Bogrit. On KANTOT KA GADAN, he has made low-fi brutality for accompaniment to the constant growls and sick throaty sounds. The drum machine in this band is certainly important, but except for one track, the 28 seconds of “Mapanos n ang buli mo,” the drum machine in the rest of the tracks is in the background as much as a pounding fast drum machine can be in a brutal death gore band.

And I do mean gore. The images on Bogrit’s site and on the front of the CD are of cut up people, meat that could be from people, and piles of garbage all set up as one unit of decomposition. Awesome. Bogrit would be preferable if there was a real drummer because some of the variations possible are not in the album. There are great examples of varied-style machine use in other bands, bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Berzerker (Australia), but hopefully Bogrit will learn the greater possibilities of electronic additions to metal. I think he can do it.

1. burikat mo manay
2. gloria macapagal arroyo scandal
3. bulate sa pwet
4. tobol
5. mapanos n ang buli mo
6. nana kan gobyerno
7. kantot ki gadan
8. lugad sa lobot
9. baog si tiyo
10. amaranto lamosto mo
Going Postal Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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