Boiler - Promo 2009

Warning: no wimpy or emotional trash in here. This is brutal to the core with lots of pig squeals and guttural burping. Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany, Boiler is back to bring real brute entertainment. 6 songs in 11 minutes guarantee a short but sweet promotional release with a real good sound. These guys know how to connect blasting Grindcore mania and slamming Death Metal components to an interesting and destructive appetizer. The down tuned guitars contribute its part to Boilers concept of sheer brutality and musical devastation. Altogether nothing real new, but in any case enjoyable and suitable for all the sick wankers among you. By the way, the band already released a full length album titled “Atüla der Druckluftkönig” on 666 Records in 2008. And did you know “Boiler” is a slang word for “Toilet” in some German regions?! Well, I guess it´s up to you which Boiler was meant… Anyway, this promotional output is an amusing act of rage and heavy as fuck. Watch out for Boiler!

1. Intro (Standalone) 
2. Der Mann umgekehrt proportional zur eisernen Maske 
3. Teil der Schande 
4. Schlauchbootmund 
5. Atüla der Druckluftkönig 
6. Birdhale 

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 12, 2009
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