Bolesno Grinje - GRD

From Pula, Croatia straight into your face come the grind psychos Bolesno Grinje (which in English seems to be Sick Mites) with their album number 8 called simply "GRD". And it can easily grind your bloody ears to the bone!

Prepare yourself for twelve ripping songs of blasting drumming (the drummer Luze is destroying relentlessly his drumkit), sharp guitar riffs and shouting, hysterical vocals. Bolesno Grinje mix oldschool grindcore attacks with crust, hardcore and thrash passages and the result is an album that will make you bang your head 'til your neck breaks. The speed is on a very high level and so is the production of "GRD" - every instrument may be clearly heard and this reveals the the potential that these guys have as musicians and composers.

This is a grind album of the highest quality and if you consider yourself a fan of bands like Nasum, Rotten Sound or the mighty Disrupt then do not waste your time and make your ears bleed to this audio grinding mill.

  1. Rstrgn (Torn Apart)
  2. Ne Vjerujem Nikome (Don't Trust No One)
  3. Autobiografija Propasti (Autobiography Of Failure)
  4. Genijalci (Geniuses)
  5. Asimilacija (Assimilation)
  6. Abortus SS (Abortion SS)
  7. Reakcija (Reaction)
  8. Vratite Mi Mozak (Give Me Back My Brain)
  9. Kurve Establišmenta (Establishment Whores)
  10. Pseudo-Grobar (Pseudo-Gravedigger)
  11. Umjetnost Je Goli Kurac (Art Ain't Dick)
  12. Dodirni Mi Ruku (Touch My Hand)

Self released
Reviewer: Tsvetan
May 28, 2017

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