Bone Gnawer - Feast Of Flesh

This is another release by Pulverised Records from Singapore. If you take a look at Bone Gnawers line-up, you´ll certainly find some famous names: Kam Lee of mighty Massacre and Rogga Johansson of Ribspreader, Paganizer, Those Who Bring The Torture,… I wonder how many more bands this guy will bring to life, because most of them differ in just a marginal way. The line-up is completed by Morgan Lie of Naglfar and Ronnie Bjornstorm of Ribspreader. The musical direction should be clear: old school Death Metal the way it was played back in the late 80´s and early 90´s. In their best moments, the band sounds like a meeting of Dismember, Autopsy and (of course) Massacre. So far so good, but unfortunately some riffs lead to the conclusion that I´ve heard them before, while other ones sound pretty exchangeable. “Feast Of Flesh” also has its cool and promising moments like “Sliced And Diced” or “Hammer To The Skull”, but a song like “Cannibal Cook-Out” ruins the good ideas at once. That´s the problem with this album: mainly middle-rated riffs and vocals as well as simple drum work without any real recognition value won´t bring a band one single step further. Despite the real good sound quality, these guys unfortunately fail to deliver a real breathtaking and soon-to-be-classic masterpiece of old school Death Metal. So, no big surprises on “Feast Of Flesh”, except for the guest vocal duties, which were taken over by Killjoy of Necrophagia, Stevo of Impetigo and Dopi of Machetazo to offer the receptive listeners an incentive to buy this album. Does this already look like an all-star band or project to you? Well, that´s open to dispute, but Bone Gnawer surely could have made something more out of the starting point. Regrettably, I have to rate this mediocre album with barely 3 / 5 points, including a nostalgic plus factor.

  1. Feast Of Flesh

  2. Sliced And Diced

  3. Cannibal Cook-Out

  4. Make You Die Slowly

  5. Hammer To The Skull

  6. The Saw Is Family

  7. Hatchet Face

  8. Defleshed And Skinned

  9. Anthropophagous Beast

  10. The Lucky Ones Die First

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 30, 2009

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