Bones - Sons Of Sleaze

Hailing from Chicago is the band Bones. I have heard a lot of good things about this band from people in the metal underground. One of those people being an actual legend in the underground, and the other is on his way to the same status. Everything they’ve said about this band is the absolute truth. This band totally rips and destroys everything in their path. This trio does not mess around one bit. The unique sounds of this death/thrash masterpiece are second to none. There is also a nice crusty edge to these guys that hasn’t been heard since the days of classic Terrorizer and the seldom heard of Nausea. For those of you who remember Nausea you definitely remember the sound I’m talking about. There is also a slight grindcore edge here as well but it’s so faint that you have to really be listening to catch it.

The guitars have a nice crunchy ooze to them. A sort of “fuzz” that other bands try to do but can never pull off. At least not to this degree. The riffs are simple as there is no need for complex finger tapping when you have a devastating sound such as this. The solos are a bit chaotic and all over the place but considering the rest of the music it’s safe to say that it is well utilized. A lot of static to the guitars as well. A bit different from the fuzz though. You’d have to hear it to totally understand it, but it adds such a brutal aura and ambience to the tunes that it just doesn’t matter.

The drum work here is not all that complex either. A little fun on the kit here and there to show off the talented skills, but for the most part it is simple, direct, and in your face. What I like most about this album is that there is no triggers on the drums. Of course, with this type of metal you really wouldn’t need any. But it is just a plus from me that the drum work here is all due to the actual talent of the drummer with no aids of any kind. That right there shows class and a respect for the art of metal. Back in the day you never had that crap because it was all about being brutal. Well-being the fastest isn’t always the most brutal. I would put Bones up against any band using triggers and I’ll bet that Bones would wipe the stage with them. That goes for underground bands as well as bigger bands playing extreme metal. I mean if you have to use mechanical aids to maintain or validate your talent, wre you that talented to begin with?

So much brutality and chaos on this release that it just simply blows my mind. In Addition to Terrorizer and Nausea, you could also add to the list of influences bands such as: Unholy Grave, Necrophagia, Rigor Mortis, Misery, Disrupt, Phobia, and Autopsy. I was actually surprised that I received the opportunity to review this cd. Did not expect this at all and it was a nice surprise to actually hear this band for the first time. I need to go back and pick up their previous material and check that out as well. This band and this album will kick your ass so be ready for it!

  1. Poisoned Breed
  2. 13
  3. Frozen Vein
  4. Sons Of Sleaze
  5. 1000 Lies
  6. Suicide
  7. Bad Signs
  8. Maggots
  9. Cold Knife
  10. Mindfucked
  11. 647 Bastards
  12. Fear Of Napalm