Borboropsis - Decorticated Burial Of Delirium

Borboropsis are a group from Ohio that is a bit of a side project for the members of blackened thrash outfit Flesh Warfare. For those who know of Flesh Warfare, the sound to be expected from Borboropsis is very different, but very exciting. While this EP only has 3 tracks to share, each one is steeped in a rich death doom, sound that might be a bit slower than what most are used to, but well worth this listen. The music is heavy and grim, like a non orchestral backed Virgin Black, and has the grim overtones of very early Paradise Lost. The opening ‘Echoed Winds of Corporeal Derangement’ is pretty standard death doom fare with lengthy chugging riffs, dissonant chords, and muffled growls that are cavernous and suit the chilling atmosphere altogether. While not the strongest track on the album it serves as good opener. Things really get interesting when the band stretches more towards the doom territory with the epic 8 minute ‘Transmute Miseries…’ which actually picks up pace as far as rhythm goes for a bit of a faster death metal track but includes a lot more progressive elements such as chiming bells, acoustic guitars, and a lengthy bass solo which helps Borboropsis stand out among so many other groups that follow the same grim death doom formula.

Things slide back to the plodding, grim doom tones with the 10 minute ‘Decortication/ Deirium’ which again feels like listeners are going back to the Paradise Lost “Gothic” era, but it carries on without sounding repetitive or boring. Sadly, there are no progressive elements like the previous track held (save for the end with the softer guitars), but Borboropsis do a good job at using the echoing tones be it the vocals or riffs to keep up the doom laden atmosphere. The drums do get a bit lost in the mix, but when the cymbals come through they sound right at home with the old school tones. The chugging riffs hold some groove to them but never quite go into ‘happy overdrive mode’ as the more mournful tones just overtake about every second, so don’t expect to climb out of the hole of depression any time soon. Granted, the music overall on “Decorticated…” feels like it goes by quickly but these guys have a very promising take on the death doom genre. Its heavy, not quite a pit starter, but also not quite so dragging one needs to feel they can skip the tracks. This blend of death doom is mid to slow paced with some surprising elements that should keep fans interested all the way through.

4 / 5 STARS

1. Echoed Winds Of Corporeal Derangement
2. Transmute Miseries Of The Solemn Halls
3. Decortication/ Delirium