Bowel Stew - Debridement

With a name like Bowel Stew and a cover artwork presenting a female body skinned alive and hanged upside down, this band is not playing epic power metal for sure. Those guys come from Italy and they will give you 25 minutes of ultra brutal death/grind.

"Debridement" is their third full-length album and honestly I'm not quite sure what to think of it. On one hand it's heavy, filled with grinding drums and totally unintelligeble gurgling vocals. So far so good but that's it. The sound production is a total mess and one can have hard times getting what is actually going on. The guitars have terrible sound and only on tracks like 'Hung, Gutted And Degloved' and 'Injected With Syphilis' you can hear at places what the hell is the guitar player Omar playing. The final track is a Brodequin cover ('Hollow') and it's actually the best on "Debridement" which doesn't speak too good for this record.

Oh, and there are irritatingly long intro and outro of screaming tortured woman (the one on the cover I guess) which is total crap in my book. This record is nothing worth mentioning. If you don't have enough noise in your collection by now then check this out but for a high quality look elsewhere...

  1. Cruentatio Cadaveris
  2. Hung, Gutted And Degloved
  3. Liquefactive Necrosis
  4. Exanguinate The Vermiform
  5. Gaunching Torture
  6. Thanatophiliac Parthenophagy
  7. Injected With Syphilis
  8. Excarnating The Debrided
  9. Hollow (cover Brodequin)