Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds - Exhumed From Eastern Tombs

This fuckin 2020 is coming at an end finally, and the struggle is all about finding the great moments and just holding on to them. Well… There’s one thing I can tell you for sure. These commandos here are definitely enlisted among them for sure! Lovers of the extreme… Worshipers of raw noise… Defilers of all that’s clean and plastic (Sound-wise)… COME FORTH! This split cd was meant for you. Two bands from Taiwan taking place here. Brain Corrosion and Ripped To Shreds!

The result is more than exquisite. Brain Corrosion break the silence with 'To Become A Jiangshi'. Raw and primitive sounding grindcore flirting a lot with death metal. Full on blast beats and dual vocals. Growls and shrieks. Will bring in mind the early days of Exhumed with a more muddy production. Can’t get more awesome. Everything here aims in hitting a new peak in the extremity meter. What’s great about them is that they break their typical 4/4 blast beat with grooves here and there giving the ear a proper time to rest until they go pedal to the metal once again. Breaks like the one in the middle of 'Mondo Ivo's Blood' or the one in 'Twisted Reflections'. Their contribution is 8 songs and how fuckin awesome was the opening and closing sample although I did not understand a word!!!.

Now… Ripped To shreds are basically participating with one song but it is about 4:30 minutes (almost like 4-5 of Brain Corrosion). Adding to it the fact that they also got three cover tracks (Asocial, Assück and Gridlink), I’d say they (he actually cos it’s a one man band) got their fair share in the split. 'Rotting Stenches Unknown' is their track and you can understand the difference instantly due to the high end in the sound. Bigger here making the guitars sounding itchier than those of their predecessors but their approach is more or less the same. Maybe a bit thrashier here but… whatever… You get the point! The first 2:30 minutes are all bout thrashing and blasting the shit out of the planet. Then a short break, then blasting a bit more till the end. Ah yes there’s also a solo in the end and one in the beginning. More like a violation (Slayer style) of scales I’d say for the ones who rushed to cringe. Damn it feels so good. This is true grind brotha! Heavy and itchy to the bone. The bass guitars on both bands growl with distortion and I also like the fact that they did not try to make their sounds even (absolutely hate it when it happens in split cds... Damn it every band should have its own sound. Don’t try to make them sound equal).

A small jewel in every true grindcore’s collection is what this one is. These warriors delivered in the best way possible. Those loyal to this particular sound, should not miss this one!

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Corpse Refining - To Become A Jiangshi (煉屍))
2. Dead Infant Enreincarnation
3. Mondo Ivo's Blood
4. Land Of Four Shades, Surroundings Collapse (四陰之地 破敗之局)
5. Raped By An Angel
6. Legal Innocence (溶屍奇案)
7. Death A Go-Go
8. Twisted Reflections
9. Rotting Stenches Unknown
10. Samhallets Offer (cover Asocial)
11. Sterility (cover Assück)
12. Dodonpachi (cover Gridlink)