Breakdust - Baleful World

Breakdust are primarily a group of buddies influenced by the big names in thrash or death metal such as Metallica, Sepultura, Pantera, Loudblast, Slayer but also newer bands like Gojira, Arch Enemy Chimaira or to ultimately own mixture and have an identity in itself, a death thrash explosive, melodic, energetic and powerful!

Intro – Time has come
Guitar mania strikes in this poignant composition. Uplifting and dynamic it certainly reaches an all-time high and this is just the beginning, so I am expecting to be wowed now...

Come To Challenge Them (feat. Master Veiga)
Well this track doesn’t disappoint what so ever! Outstanding and tireless riffs pour out in quick succession. Undeniably heavy, raucous and LOUD if for the volume on 11! No frills just energetic full on face melting metal – Amen to that!

Fuck You, Shut Up Listen Or Go!
The landscape is fertile, the melodies are ready to be sown and what grows is adrenalin fueled menace! How could it not be? The dynamics again are just so that everything falls into place. A Full-bodied bomb blast is the nearest thing to describe this track! It’s lethal!

Make Me A Living Man (feat. Matt Of Hell In Town)
Getting back to brass tacks – and hitting top notch riffs with an eager amount of bludgeoning blast beats, it rampages and fires up a mighty fine and entirely satisfying interjection that oozes complex quality rhythms in the most speediest of ways. The throaty lurid rasps are highly intense and pleasurable.

Sad Evolution
Capturing yet more infinite galloping riffs and relentless speed it readily obliterates everything in its path and characterized by screeching growls. It is a predatory track that annihilates with breathless swathes of metal attitude and delivers with a resounding unadulterated smack between the eyes like a jackhammer!!

Poison That Consumes Me (Instrumental)
This beautiful instrumental is a heart-felt dive into warm tropical waters and refreshes with the same enlightenment.  It explores in dream-like quality and executes brilliantly!

Mother Will Kill Us All
Back to the killer strikes as it savages, bringing their own ferocity into the affray. It perpetually grabs and bites with an eager set of teeth! Death metal screamer Alex is amid true metal riffage and stands the test of time with evil demonic throaty grazing.

Bloody Puppets
“A war against terror is only beginning!” says a sampled voice while a tirade of deadly and lethal riffs come out of the speakers like a horde of killer bees but the real assassins are Breakdust as they are out for slaughter and Breakdust get what the fuck they want! Nobody is going to argue the fact either! This is an unholy force of evil and oh so enjoyable!

It’s a speedy encounter with balanced vocal growls, melodies, towering riffs, solid bass and bludgeoning proportionate drum beats that make this an all-out winner. Nothing has been spared (least of all your ears) :D

Lost In My Dream (Instrumental)
Catchy anthemic luring swamps the aural and intimidates on all levels. Without being flashy Breakdust know all the right buttons to press to make this lament a truly satisfying encounter. It broods under the weight of its own riffs which are then magnified sticking to the flesh like a leech and sure as hell will drain blood from it.

Fucking Sheep
As if the vocals could not sound any deeper than previous – but they do! In this impressive slab of meaty metal.  It is fueled aggression and remains in high octane mode through-out – no concessions here at all! Littered with savage rhythms and a variety of tempos – mainly hard, harsh and downright heavy! The raucous frenzy is breath-taking as it soars and forgets to descend.

Dark Side Of Human Spirit
A very different beginning here filled full of dark edginess that is engulfed into a black pit of hate. The graveled vocal seethes and spits blood while the anthemic grandeur grows to blinding proportions each coaxing the other into a driving force that knows no bounds.

Baleful World
A final unbridled speed trip into the unknown, on this the bands title track of their magnificent album. Ignition on - systems are go! Its enthusiastic trademark is exactly as described in their biography as being melodic, energetic and powerful. The only surprise was not knowing just how melodic, energetic and powerful this whole album was going to be.

Enthusiastically welcoming! Captivating and intense, delivers a stinging array of tracks that engage, enthrall and compel the listener. The tracks clarify a certain maturity that is not hindered by ego but driven with sheer intensity.
Each member has a job to do and each of them have more than delivered through-out this superb album and that even includes the album cover which is eye catching and just as powerful as the hefty tracks contained inside it.
It is really difficult to pick out a favorite as they are all so damn good and leave their own memorable mark.
Just what makes Breakdust so compelling? It is not just one thing, it is a mix of all four member’s contributions. Each one getting their ingredients spot on and then delivering it with a force so strong that it is insidiously euphoric and mesmerizing.
Although it is not as diverse as it could be, apart from the instrumentals that each hold their own flavors – but each track harvests its own unmistakable gravitational pull and lures with resounding effect.
It’s a speedy encounter with balanced vocal growls, melodies, towering riffs, solid bass and bludgeoning proportionate drum beats that make this an all-out winner. Nothing has been spared (least of all your ears) :D
It’s also catchy and no doubt will play a part in getting the guys noticed – because they certainly deserve a big pat on the back at least for producing such a monster of an album, and I cannot recommend this album enough to the metal community.
If you have some time to spare you need to hear this album – if not then make fucking time as it really is one of the best!

  1. Intro – Time Has Come
  2. Come To Challenge Them – Feat Master Veiga
  3. Fuck You, Shut Up Listen Or Go!
  4. Make Me A Living Man Feat. Matt Of Hell In Town
  5. Sad Evolution
  6. Poison That Consumes Me Instrumental
  7. Mother Will Kill Us All
  8. Bloody Puppets
  9. Lost In My Dream Instrumental
  10. Fucking Sheep
  11. Dark Side Of Human Spirit
  12. Baleful World